I’m not certain what this guy’s deal is. Last year he was arrested for trying to stab someone. A month before that arrest I had my own run in with him downtown. He was walking around with a mobile phone dangling from a lanyard around his neck but yet comes up to me while I’m talking on my phone and keeps hounded me to let him use my phone. After a while he calls me an asshole among other things and finally walks off after a couple friends walked over.

Not sure if he’s drugged up all the time or has some other issue. Scary dude.

Nirvana with Joan Jett - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. Brooklyn NY 4-10-2014 (by bussey)

When Nirvana first hit I never really got the hoopla. I think I was too old to get what it was that attracted so many people younger than me too them. At the time I just thought they sounded a little like the Pixies but not as good.

I’ve come to appreciate what they meant and really the impact they had to popular music even if I never have gotten into the music very much.

That said, I heard that Joan Jett played with the during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony last night so I had to see that. It was indeed pretty great.

So far this is the best clip I’ve found. Can’t wait for the official broadcast on HBO next month.

Thinking about the information flowing through my Twitter and Instagram feeds lately… I apparently know and follow a surprising number of adult males who are way into wrestling. I guess there was the Wrestlemania thing and now someone has died. Cannot decide if this is normal or if I should be disturbed by it.