Drive-By Truckers - Made Up English Oceans (by DriveByTruckersVEVO)

English Oceans is the best thing that Drive-by Truckers have put out since The Dirty South. I’ve never really thought Cooley got enough attention as a songwriter in the band, but I think maybe he is now. Every single track of his on this album is a winner. This track I’m pretty sure is knocking people who get so riled up in what the political talking heads are yapping that they don’t really know what it is they are supporting. Plus this video for one of his songs has a woman ripping pages out of a bible and eating them. In a bathtub.

Cause only simple men can see the logic in whatever

Smarter men can whittle down so you can fit it on a sticker

And get it stuck like mud and bugs to names that set the standard

They’ll live it like it’s gospel and they’ll quote it like it’s scripture